Zeal Hoki Oil 紐西蘭藍鱈魚油 225ml

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    Zeal® Pure Natural New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil is one of the few fish oils in the world that is totally pure. It is extracted from Hoki fish, wild caught in deep, cold & pristine waters off the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, some of the cleanest oceans on the planet.

    • 皮毛健康 Skin & Coat health

      The skinʼs barrier properties are improved and it helps in reducing dryness and itching. Supple and flexible skin is less prone to damage and will heal better if damaged. It helps to reduce shedding and supporting a healthy glossy coat.


    • 大腦健康 Brain health
      Omega 3已證實能有效提升認知功能和訓練能力,Omega 3中的DHA脂肪酸是構建新的和替代受損腦細胞所必需元素,而且沒有了EPA脂肪酸,大腦就無法正常運作。 同時Omega 3對小貓和小狗的大腦發育亦擔任非常重要的角色。

      Cognitive function and trainabilty are improved by Omega 3. The DHA fatty acids in Omega 3 are needed to build new and replace damaged brain cells, and without EPA fatty acids, the brain does not function properly. Omega 3 is also essential for brain development in kittens and puppies.


    • 心臟健康 Heart Health

      Omega-3 help to maintain heart health by improving blood flow, and heart health in general.


    • 增強免疫系統 Immune System support
      魚油中的Omega 3能有效減少炎症來幫助您的免疫系統。 功能及健康的細胞更能夠攻擊外來有害入侵物。

      The Omega 3ʼs in fish oil helps your immune system by reducing inflammation and improving your blood chemistry. A well functioning immune system is more able to attack foreign invaders, and healthy cells are more able to resist damage.


    • 眼睛健康 Eye health
      研究表明,兩種脂肪酸(DHA)和(EPA)對視覺發育和視網膜功能都很重要。 DHA在眼睛視網膜中的濃度同時亦為最高。

      Research shows that two omega-3 fatty acids, (DHA) and (EPA) are important for visual development and retinal function. DHA is found in the highest concentration in the retina of the eye.


    • 關節 Joint Support
      Omega 3中的EPA可以幫助減少炎症,從而改善關節的流動性。 這可能有助於緩解關節疼痛,降低僵硬度,並通過改善關節健康來提高活動能力。

      The EPA in Omega 3 can help towards reducing inflammation, thus improving fluidity of the joints. It turn, this may help towards easing joint pain, reducing stiffness and increasing mobility as a result of improved joint health.


    • 腎臟疾病 Kidney Disease

      In pets with kidney problems, fish oil may lower elevated blood pressure, decrease undesired protein loss in urine, and reduce the production of pro-inflammatory substances that aggravate kidneys.

    成份 Ingredients

    100% Pure New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil, Antioxidants.

    食用方法 Feeding Guideline (貓狗)
    Less than / pump
    小於5公斤/ 1泵
    小於10公斤/ 2個泵
    小於15千克/ 3個泵
    小於20千克/ 4個泵


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